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Our drafting services


Since 1994, our ever expanding list of clients keeps pace with the expansion of our services to accommodate many facets and requirements of 2D and 3D drafting in both the mining and petroleum industries.
Our range of services includes:

    • Concrete foundations, slabs and equipment bases
    • Buildings, tanks, skid mounted equipment and other structures
    • Mechanical components and assemblies
    • Converting vehicles to run on rails
    • Drill rig, salt harvesters and head frames drawings
    • Bore field works and pump stations
    • Water purification, potable water reticulation and sewerage projects
    • Swimming pool plant rooms and pool layouts
    • Bottom Hole Assemblies and drill string drawings
    • Offshore fixed structures, jackups to semi submersible vessels
    • Barge equipment fit outs and/or sea fastening of structures
    • Port and harbour works
    • Aerodrome drawings

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Call us on (08) 9309 3718 for any enquiry

The samples to the left provide a good representation of the scope of works we have and can provide for our clients. In both 3D and 2D CAD, we can handle virtually any project. Simply click on any image for a larger view and to start a slideshow of all images.

2D & 3D Drawings
We apply the traditional drafting disciplines combine them with the accuracy of the latest CAD software and then we can shade the drawings to emphasise the drawn elements. Using the latest software we are able to offer realistic graphics, rendered imaging and animation.

Site measuring
We carry out site measuring from factories to remote mine sites. By visualising the site, photographing the existing plant and measuring "what is there" we believe substantial time and cost savings can be realised, which would ultimately be of benefit in many ways.

Digital conversions
We also provide a facility to convert your old manual drawings to digital. If your old manual drawings are becoming hard to read or are subject to damage, it could be time to upgrade to a digital format. We can produce new printouts or offer them in PDF, TIFF or similar output format. Your files can be kept on your PC or stored on optical discs safely and not lost in a filing cabinet somewhere.

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